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A Unique Approach to Garden Design

Traditionally, if a homeowner wanted to make some improvements in the garden, they would contact a landscape gardener who would build you a patio and lay you a lawn, and with a few select trees and shrubs planted, you would have your new garden. Should you require anything else, that would involve bringing in another contractor, or two, depending on what you had in mind. If you were to enquire about a carport, for example, the landscape gardener would no doubt know of a company who can quote you, but it would be well outside his realm, as would many other aspects of outdoor improvements. Simply put, if you wanted the whole package, you would have to deal with several companies.

Outdoor Living Space

The modern contractor would view things a little differently, and anything that falls within the designated area would be in their domain. This would include the following:

  • Garage and carport (design and construction)
  • Terrace-patio (design and construction)
  • Lighting
  • Additional building services
  • Pool (design and construction)
  • Outdoor Kitchen (design and construction)

All surfaces like the driveway and paths would be on the menu, as would fencing and gating, and if you wanted to build an extension, they have the resources for such a project.

The Design Stage

As far as the designer is concerned, anything that is outside of the building is within his realm, and whatever you wanted to include in that, would be doable. The first thing to establish is what you already have, and how, if at all, existing features can be incorporated into the new layout, which will help keep the cost down, and with you and your family in mind, the final design will be everything you expected, and more.

The Construction

This would involve a minimum of disruption for the occupants, and with a project manager, each stage of the project is co-ordinated, ensuring that the finished job will be on schedule and to budget. Working to the client’s budget is something that every contractor should focus on, and before you make any agreements, make absolutely sure that the price quoted is in fact, the price you will pay.


The exterior designer would bring this up at the very outset, and as some gardens are easier to maintain than others, you need to factor in the upkeep, and if you are not too keen on gardening, clever use of concrete and composites will give you a low maintenance environment. Timber decking, for instance, is very easy to keep clean, and is a firm favourite for Brisbane patios, while natural stone requires little or no care, and if you are planting trees, leaves are another concern, which is why so many Australian homeowners opt for evergreens. Of course, if you love gardening with a passion, then a lush lawn and many shrubs would be ideal.

If you look at your exterior living space in a holistic way, it is possible to create an environment that will not only be pleasing to the eye, it will also be very functional.

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