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Top 10 reasons of clogged drain and its solution

  • Grease and Fat- One of the most common reasons of blockage is the grease and fat that blocks the pipe. This can happen due to not cleaning of the pipe for a long time. All the fatty substances which are gulped down the sink, tends to stick to the pipe of the sink, if this keeps happening for a long time, it does not even allow the liquid to pass through them too. This blockage is the most annoying one and it is even very easy to clear up too.
  • Foreign Objects- The different items that are thrown out at the sink like food, packet, fats etc; they seem to block the way between the pipe and the drainpipe. That is not exactly clogged drain, it is just the item that is blocking the liquids way towards it. A simple trick by removing that by hand or any other material will solve the problem.
  • Hair- This can be a very tricky way to block the drain-pipe. The hairs take a large amount of space and also picking them up from the pipe can be tricky. It can be done by using a technical device which will let the plumber catch the hair and bring them out. The only way to prevent hair from blocking the pipes are to clean the sink regularly.
  • Trees- The tree root penetration plays a major role in blocking the drain-pipe. During autumn or any other season, the leaves gets scattered here and there; gardening can also stray leaves and that ends up blocking the drain-pipe. The tree problem is more homegrown and apartments or building are not quite affected by them so much. The professional plumbing services can help you get rid of all these reasons about clogged drains.

Tricks about clogged drain

Always try to keep your sink, kitchen sink, and bathroom basin clean. Everyday cleaning sinks will let you prevent drain clogs. If you ever find the drain clogs problematic, try to contact Toronto drain repairs to avoid further problems. The modern techniques like drain inspection, drain liner insertion used by the plumbing service will provide you with a satisfactory result. And you would get to know many small tricks to avoid blockages. Try to contact with previous clients to save your time and money. The daily problems of the sink or toilet paper that you have observed make sure to note it down immediately to the professionals.

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