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Top 10 appliances that you require for smart homes

Ever thought of converting your simple home into a smart home?

Won’t you love your home to be smart, full of features, which are distinct from your neighbors and which create a sense of jealousy for your neighbors?

The thing is that everyone loves their home to be smart; with the ability to automatically turn lights off, when you are not at home or turn the air conditioning on, as soon as you step in.

To achieve the goal of turning your simple home into a smart home, you need to have the appliances, which are must have for a smart home.

Here is the list of those top 10 appliances, which make up the list:

Nest Thermostat

A self-learning thermostat, which functions as the core of the home heating system, this Nest Thermostat uses the Wi-Fi System to gain access the control.

The best part of the Nest Thermostat is that it allows you to control it even when you are not at your home. With the learning functionality installed in the Nest Thermostat, it can use its motion sensor to automatically adjust the temperature accordingly.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Have you ever given a thought of turning your normal smoke detectors into a smart detector?

A normal smoke detector must be installed in many houses, but a smart smoke detector is installed in only a smart person’s home.

You are the one, who is smart?

With a smart battery, you can quite easily upgrade your normal smoke detector into a smart smoke detector. Thus, you don’t even need to buy a new one. Give it a thought and get one for your home!

A removable smart air conditioner

With various removable smart air conditioners, available these days in the market, you can enjoy the pleasure of the best air conditioning along with the constant reminder of the maintenance needed.

So that you never forget to the bets maintenance and another sort of things like changing the filter etc. Get one for your home!

Standalone security system

Those days are gone, when you need to drill holes in your walls to install security cameras etc for the needed security of your home.

Now, with the availability of a range of standalone security system, you require no mounting it on the wall. No need to pay monthly charges for the monitoring of your home.

All you need is to get one smart standalone security system for you and place it on the table and keep an eye on the place in HD quality and even real-time alerts if something happens.

Smart Light Bulbs

With the easy to install smart light bulbs, which can function on the voice or can be run on a Wi-Fi connection, living could not have been easier than this! Get one for you and start the process of turning your home into a smart home.

Smart TV      

No home can be complete without a Smart TV. A Television set is a utmost needed aspect in any home and perhaps the first thing, which people buy after getting their Own home is the TV. With the high-quality Smart Phone of perfect fit size installed at your home, your home will be more like a paradise.

Gone are the days of a simple LED TVs, with the Smart TVs with numerous features and facilities available.

Smart Refrigerator 

The smart Refrigerator, which functions on its own instinct, is another important appliance, which you must have in your smart home. No kitchen of your home can be complete without a Smart Refrigerator

Pet Camera

If you’re concerned about your Doggy barking when you are not at home?

With the pet camera, you can keep your Doggy quiet so that it does not bother your neighbors. This wonderful device alerts you when your pooch is barking and allows you to talk or treat to calm it.

Sleep System

Are you woken up the whole night, because of your noisy neighbors?

If yes, prioritize your sleep, with the help of the sleep system, which produces ambient noise, thus blocking all other disruptive noise and also monitor your sleeping and its patterns so that the personalized suggestions can be provided on how to better sleep. Along with this, it also wakes you up in the morning.


A smart shower head, which allows you to take phone calls, is the last piece of the puzzle. You need to update your normal showerhead into a smart shower head, which allows you to take phone calls or rock out to your favorite songs, while you taking a shower.

An extra appliance – Homemade Incubators

You can even have the homemade egg incubator as the smart appliance if you are in the poultry business! Isn’t it? The homemade incubators are sort of smart appliances, which must be installed in your home, if want to carry out the best operations within a reasonable budget. These when added in any home, can do wonders for your home and can give a new appeal to any home (quite a different look!). Get this appliance ‘homemade incubator’ to ensure that you add something unique and beneficial!

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