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The International Standard of South African Hotels

South Africa, famed for its natural beauty, has become a recognized international tourist destination. And to cater to this growing need, the tourism and accommodation industry has brought hotels, currently operated and on the market, to international standards bar none.

Famed for its unique natural beauty and wildlife, friendly people and affordability, South Africa has seen consistent growth in its hospitality industry, both for domestic and international visitors and investors.

With so many hotels on the market, there has become a daily need for increasing the accommodation offering amongst the many competition and brands. As such, the number of varied amenities – seasonal and otherwise – on offer including but not limited to spas, lifestyle centers, exercise equipment, live entertainment, built-in room features, pools and more.

In addition, South African hotels have now become internationally famous as the country continues to experience a year-on-year boom on an already flourishing tourist sector. From country lodges offering uniquely African safaris and game reserves, beachside resorts, wine lands havens or slick and modern hotels based in popularly cosmopolitan cities.

From rural getaways in the diverse countryside to the epitome of indulgence on offer, there is an abundance of hotels on the market, and countless five-star hotels such as the Mount Nelson Hotel, the Cape Grace, the Franschhoek Country House, Winston Hotel, and the Westcliff, all of which offer truly sublime features on part with international trends.

While this makes the options for local and domestic tourists near endless, it also drives a healthy competitive edge amongst accommodation operators. Large businesses are able to expand their properties and range, while new investors, especially international investors, are able to consider hotels currently on the market. This includes both new and previously owned or refurbished and re purposed buildings.

In simpler terms, with the tourism market continuing its upwards trajectory, there is renewed activity in the hotel industry as major hotel chains upgrade current amenities, renovate their properties or make plans to expand, open hotels, and put new and existing hotels on the market.

Given the extensive and wide range of tastes in South Africa (such as popular trends, fashions and needs), South African hotels are expected – and very often do –compete with international competition, and depending on the specific clientele, tweak, adapt and gear their offering to fulfil the desires of specific types of visitors. Very often, these hotels and management will partner with local service providers to offer free benefits and perks, or discounted rates and packages to further experience the local culture, entertainment, and nightlife.

And despite the passing of new, controversial visa legislation by the South African government, which requires parents and guardians travelling with minors to have an unabridged birth certificate that shows the names of both parents, the outlook is still highly positive for investors seeking to make the most of the numerous the many hotels on the market across the country.

As such, now is the time to consider the hotels on the market, and join the rest of the industry in providing a true international standard of excellence.

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