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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs each year from June 1st to November 30th, with the most activity seen from late August through September. Protecting your family and your property are the most important priorities when a storm is approaching. Here are storm preparation tips, so when a major hurricane is coming, you can preserve your family, property and your peace of mind.

Preparing Your Home

  • To avoid branches from swirling in strong hurricane winds, trim or remove weak branches from trees. Gather up and dispose of broken ones from the ground.
  • Check and secure rain gutters. Unsecured gutters can break loose in high winds. Make sure your gutters are free of debris to avoid water damage to your home.
  • Prevent damage to your home by securing your roof with a retrofit and replacing any broken shingles.
  • Secure and reinforce your windows and doors by having them boarded. A reliable pre-storm board up service visits your home before a storm begins, and brings the materials needed to board up windows and doorways. All windows and glass doors are fitted with custom-cut plywood, which is securely fastened. The crew will board up all levels of your home, even the hard to reach second and third floors.
  • Once the storm passes, the crew returns and removes the boards, storing them in your garage for the next storm. The cost of the service includes the materials with the first board up. Subsequent board ups are cheaper. You will already have the materials for the crew, and will only pay for labor.

Preparing Your Family

  • Check the items in your disaster preparedness kit. Your kit should have items such as medical supplies, food, water, prescription medications, phone chargers for cell phones and backup batteries for landline phones.
  • Make sure you have all the pet supplies you need like food and any special dietary supplements. Be sure to include the water needed for your pet when you are calculating the water needs for your entire group.

Staying safe during a hurricane is a top priority, so if an evacuation is called, be sure to comply. Many homeowners worry about looting during a hurricane evacuation. When you have a pre-storm board up performed as part of your storm preparation, it doubles as an extra layer of security for your home against theft. This total home protection gives you peace of mind during a trying and stressful time.

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