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When Do You Need Pruning, Shaping, or Lopping?

If the trees in your yard are still alive, but they need to be tamed, you have a few basic options. The most straightforward possibility is lopping, but lopping is not recommended if there are other options available. Lopping involves indiscriminately chopping off a portion of the top of a tree. It’s done for safety reasons solely and does not consider the health of the tree. It’s more advisable to have your tree pruned or shaped.

Pruning and Shaping

If your tree is not too far gone, you can have it pruned or shaped by a professional. There are several reasons why you might have your tree pruned. For one, you’ll want to ensure that your tree is in the best possible health. Depending on what kind of trees you have, many of them only grow new blossoms or fruit at the end of new branches. However, that does not mean the old branches die. You’ll have a tree with dozens of old branches that are using nutrient resources but will never produce new blossoms or fruit. That’s an inefficient use of your resources, and those fruitless branches will ultimately slow down the new growth as well. Alternatively, you may need to prune your tree because it might be growing out of control.

Trees can survive careful pruning throughout the growing season. That pruning can also involve shaping. The shaping of a tree involves cutting and removing branches not solely for the health of the tree but also to form the tree into a different shape. A more manageable or attractive tree shape could be desirable for many reasons. If these options don’t achieve your goal, you’ll need professional tree lopping in Perth.

Lopping a Tree

The alternative to pruning and shaping is lopping a tree; lopping a tree involves cutting off a section of the top of a tree without much thought towards the health of the tree. It is a fairly drastic measure that sometimes results in the death of a tree. Hopefully, a tree large enough to need lopping will be healthy enough to survive that lopping. However, that’s not always the case. Cutting off the top of a tree will significantly damage the vascular system of the tree.

Similar to animals, trees pull nutrients and fluids up using veins that deliver those nutrients to all of the limbs. If you start cutting off large parts of the tree, it will damage that vascular system. The system will need to heal itself and reroute some of the veins to continue delivering nutrients. In some cases, those veins never heal properly, and the tree dies. Part of a tree can die or the entire thing can. Lopping poses health dangers to your tree, but sometimes it is necessary.

If your tree itself has become a danger due to its size, you’ll need a more drastic method of keeping it under control. You should call a professional to see if you need to have the tree lopped.

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