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Modular Garden Solutions for the Modern Home

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, and even the garden can benefit from modern materials, with modular planter boxes that are designed for easy installation. They come in a wide range of styles, with terrace pots that allows you to showcase small shrubs and flowers without having to create soil borders. Made from recycled PVC, the panels are hollow, which aerates the shrubs, and stops them from drying out, and with a modular design, you can easily add units.

Vertical Gardens

These are very popular, especially in homes with limited space, and with a range of stylish colours that will never fade, you can really add some depth and dimension to any terrace by adding a few layers of large planter boxes to create a semi wall of greenery. You can use vegetables or herbs if you prefer, or some colourful flowers, and with hollow interiors, you won’t need so much soil. Ideal for terraced walls that receive large amounts of sunlight, vertical planter boxes can enhance any terrace.

Square Units

You may have a large expanse in the garden that could really do with some greenery to break things up, and a customised planter box is the perfect solution. They look stunning with small evergreen trees or some colourful tropical plants, and as they are made from recycled plastic, decay is not an issue. As they are made to measure, you can create the ideal foundation for a medium sized tree or shrub, and it can be as deep or as wide as you like.

Flat Pack Delivery

These units are packed and sent to the customer, and with easy to assemble units, you simply fill the box with an adequate amount of soil and you can plant away. The units are light and easy to assemble, and if you would prefer the company to do this onsite, it can be arranged. The amount of soil required is much less that with traditional soil borders, and you don’t have any weeding to do, which has to be good news.

Vegetable Gardens

More and more popular, as people prefer to eat organic produce, growing your own tomatoes and lettuce has never been easier. The units are bottomless, and with small dividers, you can grow different types in rows, and this will not affect drainage, but will give you a level of protection against pests.

PVC Edging

This is ideal for lawn or terrace edges, and with interlocking strips that can be cut to size, you can enhance any garden with a stylish edging. Small post are driven into the ground and the edging panels slot into these, making for a solid fit, and with a range of depths, you can perfectly join different levels. Colour coding can really make the garden attractive, and there is no limit to the combinations you can create.

Modular planter boxes allow for a simple and convenient garden layout, and provides a perfect platform for all your garden greenery, whatever layout you choose. Find out lore by searching online for a supplier, and your garden will soon be transformed.

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