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Is There Such Thing as Environmentally Friendly Pest Control?

From fuel-efficient cars to energy-saving light bulbs, our planet is becoming a greener and healthier place. But what happens when you need to eliminate pests from your home or work environment?

You want to kill or get rid of one thing without compromising the healthy environment of another. Environmentally friendly pest management techniques are a new service that can help protect the environment by replacing chemical alternatives with healthier options.

Is there Eco Friendly Pest Control in Columbia SC?

What Exactly Is Eco Friendly Pest Control?

Green pest management options are constantly improving with new technologies. These methods look to prevent and manage unwanted pests while simultaneously looking at the root causes which often the pest’s pursuit of food water and shelter.

Working with a professional who understands environmentally friendly pest management is a great way to get past out of your Columbia home.

What Will an Eco Friendly Company Do Differently?

Three of the most common green pest monitoring options are:

  • fly lights which use an ultraviolet light to attract flying insects to a sticky board that is located inside the unit
  • sticky boards which use a simple sticky surface that traps crawling pests efficiently and effectively
  • pheromone traps that use synthetically replicated versions of the insects own pheromones (those chemicals that attract a mate) to trick them into entering and then trap them inside some type of pest keeper

Other choices include repellents and insect growth regulators. A good pest company will also look at sanitation and facility maintenance to help you with your ongoing care

Who Offers These Services in Columbia SC?

Home Pest has three local locations and can even offer same day service as an added bonus.

Natural Roots Organic Pest Control frequently have Groupon offers available and specialize in removal of bees by relocating the hive.

Palmetto Exterminators offer a free inspection.

How To Choose

Choosing the right eco friendly pest control in Columbia SC begins with

  1. Assessing your urgency. A bee hive in your attic would probably be more of a priority than spiders in your yard.
  2. Learning what the options are to get rid of your pest. This education is part of the service of any reputable pest control company and helps you to understand why you have the problem now and how to avoid having the problem again in the future.
  3. Weighing your options. Some like to start with the most green option, like essential oils or moving food sources and wait a day or two before proceeding. Others prefer to get the pest gone ASAP. Knowing your time-line will help you pick.
  4. Sometimes the fastest method is also the most expensive, but not always. Decide if cost or speed is your priority.
  5. Is there ongoing maintenance or a guarantee?

The great thing is that Columbia pest control services are embracing the green way of keeping pests away. Keeping your environment healthy and pest free has never been this easy!

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