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Identifying Dry Rot and Powerful Ways To Control It!

Dry rot fungus is a serious type of wood-destroying fungus that can severely damage your property. Usually, the major decay caused by dry decay to the buildings results in exorbitant repairs. It travels at a higher speed than its other family of fungus in searching for its food source which is timber.  Dry decay mycelium has the capacity to develop through blocks and mortar. By the time you will discover it, it might have already caused a frequent and excessive loss to your property.

Never ignore the symptoms of timber decay if you get to know that your facility has got attacked by dry decay. Otherwise, it can lead to major expenses on the repairs in the future. You may have encountered a mushroom stink from the rotten furniture. If you have discovered a beefy, rust red hotcake like fungus developing, it is this fungus which has settled down on your property and making a pungent smell. These are a few signs indicating that your house is under attack by this parasite that looks good but creates a lot of issues to major structural timbers. Let’s find out in detail about how to identify and act against dry decay in order to control it from spreading?

How To Identify Dry Rot Living In Your Property?

It is critical to recognize whether timber decay is due to the action of the dry decay or wet rot. Since, dry decay is far more dangerous than other wood decaying fungi; it can easily spread its wings through building materials, other than timber. This could give rise to an outbreak which would be very difficult to control. Considering the intensity of fungus attack, the buildings are usually given additional security measures such as masonry sterilisation. These preventive measures have the potential to stop wood-rotting fungi if taken timely.

Typical signs of dry decay include:

  • Rust red shaded spore dust.
  • Active rot producing a pungent smell.
  • Fruiting bodies that resemble a pancake.
  • Fragile strands developing in the mycelium.
  • A dark mushroom shaded skin that can be peeled.
  • Wood darken symptoms, shrinks and splits in a cuboidal way
  • White, cushy cotton-wool mycelium which may create out of moist conditions.
  • Strands develop in the mycelium are brittle in nature and tend to crack when bent.

The Most Powerful Ways For Dry Decay Control and Treatment

Dry decay will just influence timber which is soggy, ordinarily it rots only that timber which has 20% more dampness content than the normal levels. Hence, uprooting the original source of dampness must be the priority of any dry decay destruction procedure.

Timber can catch moisture for a plenty of reasons and some of the widely recognised reasons are spilling washing machines, bathrooms, condensation and so on. The dampness can similarly originate from outside the properties. For instance, leaking rooftops, rising dampness or sogginess infiltrating through walls. Regardless, the source of its origin, it can always be prevented and controlled if the timber is permitted to dry out in the direct sunlight. Soon, you will notice that the dry decay is under control.

However, it is not generally viable to put the timbers to dry for a long time. Therefore, it is vital to use effective fungicide as a preventive measure to safeguard against re-infection. Those timbers which are already affected by dry decay must be kept separate from the others. Those remaining timbers which stand at danger of being affected by the dry decay ought to be treated with a good quality fungicide. Masonry sterilisation is important where the dry decay has just passed.

There are a number of fungicides in the market for treating and eliminating the dry rot but how to use it in the most efficient manner, only a professional knows. Self educating is not a viable alternative to the professional timber treatment service. So, better prevent your masonry from falling in prey to the dry decay which could cost you a lot of money on repairing.

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