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How to Upgrade Your Bedroom

If you wish to improve the look of your bedroom, you need to ask yourself what colours you wish to incorporate as well as what bedding and furniture you want to add. A bedroom is one of the more personal and intimate spaces in your home so you want to make it a special getaway.

Making the Most of Your Bedroom Space

In order to make an upgrade, you have to make the bedroom a place where you want to relax and sleep. Therefore, you need to employ the right type of lighting and bedding. After all, most people spend about one-third of their lives in their bedrooms. As a result, you need to place your decorating focus on relaxation and regeneration.

That means you need to choose soft lighting in order to make the bedroom a haven away from the rest of the home. This is a necessity in order to sleep better. In today’s neon-lit world, people find it hard to get the darkness they need to sleep. Unfortunately, when your body is exposed to too much light, the production of the sleep hormone melatonin is inhibited. As a result, you are not able to sleep. Closing your eyes will not alleviate the problem either. You need to incorporate soft lighting in your décor and make sure the bed you choose is aesthetically pleasing and strong.

Look at the iron beds for sale online to ensure you have a solid furnishing on which to sleep. Iron beds are built to outlive their owners so they are an ideal bedroom furnishing. Since the bed is the focus of a bedroom’s décor, you want to make sure you make the right selection. Iron beds are available in regular styles as well as four-poster designs. A four-poster design works out well in a limited space as it adds a sense of height and volume to a small area.

Install Blackout Curtains

To make sure you receive the rest you need, use window treatments such as blackout curtains. Shun the street lights outside and install curtains that ensure a restful night’s sleep. Once you hang the window treatments, you will start to call your bedroom a night room instead.

Add Some Plants Too

You don’t want to fashion your bedroom for relaxation without the addition of plants. After all, plants help reduce indoor pollutants in the air. They also bring the outdoors inside your home. Therefore, they are a must-have addition in any bedroom decorating scheme. To ensure that you optimise the air quality in your bedroom, you need to include the following plants:

  • An areca palm, also known as Dypsislutescens
  • A money plant, or Epipremnumaureum
  • A mother-in-law’s tongue, or Sansevieriatrifasciata

Make sure to place the mother-in-law’s tongue in your bedroom for sure as it is known to release oxygen into the night air.

Remove the Electronics

To make the most of your bedroom, you also want to remove any electronics in the space. Use the bedroom for reading, journaling, or sleeping. That means removing any electronics such as TVs and laptops, both of which spread too much light and keep you awake.

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