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How to Host an Open House

You have done all of the hard work and now it is time to shine. We’re talking about hosting an open house. For those that have bought, invested in and rehabilitated a house, you know that all of your hard work means nothing if you can’t sell the house at the end of the process. Which makes an open house one of the most important steps in the home investment process. This is precisely why, if you are trying to cut corners, the open house shouldn’t be one of those corners. After all, your home is probably the largest single investment you have ever made, and if you are trying to unload that investment at top dollar then you should be especially diligent. There are a few things you can consider when hosting an open house to ensure that you leave potential buyers with the best possible impression.

You will first need to determine how you are going to sell the house. Are you going to handle all of the selling yourself, or will you be partnering with a real estate agent to drive business? If you are going to go at it on your own, be sure that you know all of the legalities that you will encounter throughout the process. If you decide that you want to work with a real estate agent, there are a few things to keep in mind. How much will you be handing to the agent at the end of the sale? Will you be an active participant in the open house, or take a back seat throughout the whole process? These are questions that you need to answer for yourself before going through with the sale.

If you do decide to be present at the open house, make sure that you are presentable for all of the guests. Ditch you work gear for more upscale offerings, like Kenneth Cole. Be ready to interact with any variety of people that will be coming into your open house. You should also be prepared to answer any questions that may be asked of your by potential buyers. For preparation, you may want to list out everything that you did to change the house into the home that it is now. Include specific brands, measurements and anything else that you think will be of value to potential buyers. Don’t talk too much, but be prepared to answer anything that is asked of you.

Flipping a house is a great experience that is truly worthwhile. When you reach the end of the process, you can rest easy knowing that you gave someone a tremendous new home.

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