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How to Choose the Right Patio Door for Your Home

Choosing a patio door is very important for your home as it will provide access to your home and patio for years to come. If you have the wrong patio door, your home will look wrong, and it will perhaps not last as long as other sliding patio doors in Phoenix AZ. So, keep these things in mind when buying your patio door.

Sliding, Hinged, or Folding Patio Doors?

Your first decision is to decide on what type of patio door. Sliding patio doors in Phoenix AZ offer the most versatility as you don’t have to worry about furniture interfering with opening the door. Sliding doors may be fitted with sliding screens to keep the bugs out while still letting in air. Hinged doors and French doors are hinged and open up either like a normal door or, in the case of French doors, the two doors swing open for a wider entrance. The folding patio door can tailor how much you wish to open. The panels slide so that you can have a small space open or open the entire panels to the outdoors.

What Kind of Material Should Your Patio Door Be?

Your patio door can be made from vinyl, wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or clad wood. Choose a look that looks great with your home. Vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and clad wood never need painting and usually handle different weather without problems. However, if your home is made from certain materials or in a certain style, those materials and style may dictate what material and style your patio door will be.

The caveat to this is vinyl doors. Vinyl doors can crack if they are exposed to extreme temperatures such as those in Phoenix. For this reason, you should probably look for different materials in your sliding patio doors in Phoenix AZ that can withstand the heat.

Know Your Glass

Most patio doors have quite a bit of glass. This is why it’s important to choose double or triple paned with low-E glass to reduce your energy costs. Look for patio doors with the ENERGYSTAR label on them. These are the most efficient doors that will save you money when it gets hot, and will keep your home much cooler.

Just a Door or So Much More?

Patio doors are getting bigger. You may see doors that are intended to cover nearly an entire wall. The idea is to make the patio an extension of your home. These doors let in more light and air, as well as make your home look bigger. But this does come at a cost, because no matter how well insulated glass is, it will never have the same insulating values as a properly insulated wall. Keep this in mind when adding a sliding patio door in Phoenix AZ.

Size Does Matter

When replacing a patio door, you are most likely limited to the size of the current door, unless you’re planning on reframing and modifying where your patio door will go. This can be more expensive than a simple replacement, so consider that in your costs.

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