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Having Your A/C Checked Out Before Summer

When the last of the winter chill begins to melt away, the list of spring cleaning and honey do’s begins to grow alongside those precious few bursts of color and light. And as the days get longer and you open up your windows to welcome in the new season, the last thing you might want to do right now is add to that list with a call to your local HVAC repair and inspection professional. But the simple fact is there are a myriad of reasons why now is, in fact, the perfect time to have your air conditioning unit checked out–before the mercury starts its annual climb towards the crazy temps of summer.

Let’s face it. An air conditioning unit can be a complicated, temperamental mistress. The brutality of summer heat waits for no one, and the last thing you want on the first stifling hot day of the season is to flip the switch and have nothing happen–or worse, have your AC sputter hot, swampy, stale air back out at you. Luckily, a qualified AC repair company or technician can come out long before the beginning of summer and take a look at your existing system.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Just like you get regular dental checkups and cleanings to watch for potential problems before they turn into costly dental work and change the oil in your car every time the light turns on, your home air conditioning unit requires periodic maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road and maintain their efficiency. Paying a professional a small amount now for routine maintenance is the best way to avoid having to shell out big bucks down the road for huge repairs or replacements

Off-Season Appointments are Easier to Schedule

Come peak-season (as in: summertime, when the weather is hot and the living, especially with a broken AC unit, is most definitely not easy) it can be difficult to get a qualified repair person to come out right away. In fact, depending on where you live, you might have to suffer in sweltering temps for days before someone can make it out to take a look at your broken air conditioner mid-summer, or else shell out a premium for emergency repairs. Scheduling maintenance work now will save you time, money, and hassle.

Cut Down Your Energy Bill–and Increase Efficiency in the Process

Even a seemingly functioning AC unit might not be working at peak performance. According to experts, every year that it goes without a checkup your air conditioning unit loses anywhere from 3-5% of its power. That slow leak comes from any number of factors–from depleted coolant to clogged filters to required tweaks in the thermostat. It takes an experienced technician very little time to give your system a once over, but those yearly spring checkups could add up to big savings in energy and money in your pocket in the long run.

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