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A Guide to Hiring A Letting Agent in Bristol

It is vital to look for a letting agent from an honored organization. The key to success is to seek out one letting agency that can market your property professionally.

It could always be good to decide on a letting agent that is a member of an expert organization, like the Association of Residential Letting Agents, the National Association of Estate Agents or the Royal establishment of leased Surveyors. All areran by a code of conduct, you’ll look for a letting agent immediately in Bristol.

Personal recommendations could be a great way to seek out an appropriate agency. A recommendation from somebody you recognize has expertise for addressing agents.

The extent of the services could vary from agent to agent and can depend upon what your own necessities are. As an example, does one simply wish to seek out a tenant, or does one wish to manage the full term of the rental agreement from start to finish?

The majority of agencies can provide full management services, however visit many and negotiate and perceive their terms before deciding the agent or agents to instruct. Confirm you recognize that services you’re obtaining and what you are paying for, either as a part of a package or as extras. Raise concerning ‘To Let’ boards, newspaper adverts, on-line advertising on their web site and on portals like Bristol, magazines and their own ideas.

Some agents specialize solely in lettings, whereas others are joined to an estate agency. Think about whether or not the agent has the proper native or national branch network to promote your property effectively.

As most agents have a ‘no let, no fee’ basis, appoint one agent to extend the prospect of your property (some agents charge a fee to own a property enclosed on their list). It’s vital to remember that agents giving low charges aren’t necessarily the simplest agents to use. Take those that offer a comprehensive service and might demonstrate success within the market. Select an agent that lets properties like yours, and that you think would attract the proper tenant with appropriate references and attain the very best attainable rental value.

Provide your agent with the maximum amount info as possible concerning the kind of tenant you would like. Stipulate whether or not you would like a young skilled or married, a private or a company let, and whether or not you’re yearning for a long-run tenant. Landlords profit by having long run tenants because it excludes voids (periods once the property is empty).


Fees commonly are shared from the income over the term, sometimes ranging from ten per cent of the rental worth achieved. This covers the price of selling a property, finding and vetting an appropriate tenant, getting references and making ready a residence agreement and inventory. For a full management service, fees are expected to begin from fifteen per cent of the rental worth. Here the agent can organize credit checks, collect the rent monies, pay bills, often examine the property and any necessary maintenance work. Or else, you’ll take a property management agent, which might be significantly helpful if you’re having agents, and on a short-run basis. Different services are negotiated with the agent or property management agent.

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