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Five Tips For A Great Garage Floor Finish

The five tips listed here will help ensure the best possible garage floor coating results! These tips are written with an epoxy application in mind, but much of this information is applicable regardless of coating type.

#1 Great Floor Prep

The most important step to finishing your garage floor is the first making sure that the current garage floor is well prepared to accept its new coating! To be certain that the floor is prepped correctly; it should be thoroughly cleaned to be free of all waxes, contaminants, dirt, dust, and oils. The concrete must also be prepared to accept the chosen coating; this could involve acid etching or grinding. Consult a professional if necessary.

#2 Making Sure the Concrete is Dry

Once the floor has been properly prepped, it’s essential that it be given time to fully dry from cleaning and/or acid etching. The absolute minimum drying time allowed should be 24 hours; it may take longer, especially in cool or humid environments. There should be adequate air flow in the garage to facilitate drying. A dehumidifier may also be a helpful tool in ensuring a dry floor. Moisture that remains in the floor prior to coating can rise to the surface of the concrete as the coating dries, or even afterward, and create bubbles.

#3 Buy Extra Coating

Always purchase a bit more coating than necessary; if the garage is 600 square feet, don’t buy the amount calculated to cover exactly 600 square feet get a bit more. This is necessary because the amount of coating that the concrete will absorb is somewhat unpredictable. One good rule of thumb is to purchase 15 percent more coating than calculated; this will account for absorption as well as coating that remains in the container and can’t be removed.

#4 Mix the Coating Correctly

Some coatings require the buyer to mix multiple ingredients; others simply require that the one-step coating be thoroughly mixed prior to application (in much the same way that most paints need a thorough mixing before use). In either case, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and follow them precisely. One of the more common mistakes is over-enthusiastic mixing, which can cause bubbles to form in the coating prior to application. Be certain to mix the coating as directed; if it should be slowly mixed for a certain period of time, it’s a bad idea to try and speed up the process by mixing it faster.

#5 Be Aware of Temperature and Humidity

Many coatings require that the application take place while the environment is within a certain temperature or humidity range. It’s extremely important to be aware of these ranges and choose the time for applying the coating appropriately. Temperatures that are too low can result in a coating that does not cure properly; too high, and the time available to apply it may be so short, there won’t be time to finish. High humidity can result in future peeling of the garage floor coating.

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