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Different Surfaces of Driveways to Enhance the Looks of Your Home

A visually attractive driveway surface can will add an extra dimension to the good looks of anyone’s home and boost the overall look of the surroundings to everyone visiting or passing by. Today, more folk than ever are choosing to follow their instincts and upgrade their home, and by doing so, their homes look like a much nicer place to live in, plus it also boosts the value of the home should they ever wish to move sometime later on in the future.

There are various types of surfaces for driveways in Melbourne, let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Gravel

Gravel works out as one of the cheapest solution for the creation of a driveway surface. This was in the past put to use for long driveways or large parking areas and is made from a surface of loose stones over a solid base. Gravel can come in different colours and sizes and will allow water to run off into the ground rather than creating those unsightly puddles on a driveway surface.

  1. Concrete

Concrete driveway surfaces are nowadays the most popular and are made by pouring it onto the driveway area and then allowing it to harden. To create a more decorative concrete, it can come in different colours and also decorative patterns can be stamped into the concrete after it has been poured and while still wet. If an exposed aggregate surface concrete is preferred, gravel or stones can be added to the surface before the concrete has set to give it a superb looking textured look.

  1. Paving

Paving is also popular and can be made from concrete, brick, or natural stone. Concrete paving is the most cost friendly paving option and comes in various sizes, shapes, and colours. Natural slate stone paving is more expensive, but the overall effect is worth it. Sometime ago, because of the costs back then, this option was mostly used for front walkways or patios rather than entire driveway surfaces, but not so nowadays.

  1. Asphalt

Asphalt is another common driveway option, although not so much as it used to be. The asphalt has to be sealed, and if a sealant is not used, water will easily seep into the asphalt during any times of rainfall and expand the surface. This will then cause the asphalt to crack and break, so care has to be taken.

  1. Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is somewhat similar to gravel due to it also being made up of loose stones across a solid base. The difference is that gravel driveways aremade up of larger stones, whilst crushed stone surfaces use much smaller ones. Crushed stone comes in different colours which can be either moderately or finely crushed.

As you can see, there are various choices and it’s now up to you to choose which one will look just perfect for your home!

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