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Design Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro

The kitchen is a very versatile room for designing as it has so many elements to design for! It is also a place in the home where lots of activities happen, such as preparing a meal, eating with friends and family, or just enjoying having a nice chat! Therefore, it is often very important to homeowners that it gives off the perfect impression and adds a beautiful finish to a home. Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important factors in your kitchen design as they are often the most visible parts, they can range in design from totally elaborate to completely simple as there’s a door design for everyone. Here are a few styles for you to choose from and work with for your kitchen’s interior and your budget.


The flat-panel kitchen cupboard doors are simple and stylish, often used in contemporary kitchen designs. They have smooth lines and a minimalistic exterior which also means that they are often less expensive than other designs. Flat designs sometimes have no handles either which make for an even more modern effect as they are opened and closed using a push technology. They are often made out of laminate or wood which offers a great variety of styles and colours to choose from, this affords a lot more flexibility when you begin designing.


These kitchen cabinets look great if you are wanting an antique or farmhouse styled kitchen. The aged effect really helps to give your kitchen that look of austere and this can be cheaply achieved as well! You can choose any door or cabinet you like and then you can source somebody to distress them for you, most of the time at a fair price. This is a very popular look as it also means that any actual wear and tear that your kitchen experiences will just add to the desired effect!


This style of cabinet is the most commonly used; it is simply made up of four pieces of wood around the frame and a centre piece. The shaker style used clean and crisp lines and the simplicity lends itself to be moulded into any type of interior decor. This means that it can be incorporated into any variation of style, from art deco to modern to traditional. In terms of cost this style also means that it can be made in a variety of budgets as any type of material can be used. To help bring costs down, manufacturers can remove the centre piece panel for a more cost effective material. You could also use a better finish on a standard door to improve its look which could save you a lot of money too.


An inset cupboard door means that it is inset within the frame, showing the hinges. It is often the most expensive style on the market because of the fact that each door needs two identical hinges and this cost can quickly add up. It is a classic look which will struggle to fade out of fashion as it has a beautiful design element of precision as it fits into each frame perfectly.

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