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Choose the right curtain fabric for your modern home

When decorating your home, it is likely that you have come across a number of alternative options for window coverings. An important fixture inside your home, curtains can make or break the look. When it comes to choosing curtains, it is all about the fabric, color, lining and length. Curtains are pieces that can draw attention to your room and brighten up a space. They set the tone for the room and with the number of options available in the market; you will be spoilt for choice!

The right fabric of the curtain will play a vital role in the look of the room. It is important to choose fabric which easily blends with the overall look and feel of the home. Additionally, the fabric should be easy to maintain and suitable for the room you are doing up. The fabric will dictate how the curtains function and hold up over time. If they are too heavy, they might not fold well when drawn and if they are too light, they may not fall evenly. The ideal fabric will fall nicely over the window. There are options from sheer laces to lightweight cotton, brocades and heavy velvets. Every fabric will look different when pleated and when drawn back. When making the choice of a fabric, you should consider the amount of light you want streaming in. If you want light to easily flow through the window, you should choose lightweight options like sheer and if you do not want any light to flow in, you can pick heavy fabric like velvet. Further, the décor and mood of the room should also blend well with the fabric you choose. Sheer fabrics are suitable for minimalistic rooms while heavy are ideal for traditional rooms. You can purchase fabric samples from Clarke & Clarke curtains at an affordable rate. Based on the samples, you can decide on the fabric you want for your home.

The room for which you are choosing the curtain should also be kept in mind. For a child’s nursery, you can pick sheer curtains that let light flow in. For your bedroom you can choose heavy fabric which will blend with the furniture and overall tone of the room. Apart from the fabric, there are a number of crucial factors like color, print, length, accessories etc. that will have an impact on how the room looks. These curtains have a wide collection of curtain styles and fashionable options. Choosing the right curtains will not only enhance the aesthetics of the room but also let the right amount of light flow in. There are a large number of affordable options which will suit your budget requirements and reflect your personality. The fabrics are available in numerous colors and prints that suit your style. Whether you are moving into a new house or refurbishing your house, the curtains will help coordinate the décor and bring harmony to the overall tone of the room.

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