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How to Host an Open House

You have done all of the hard work and now it is time to shine. We’re talking about hosting an open house. For those that have bought, invested in and rehabilitated a house, you know that all of your hard work means nothing if you can’t sell the house at …

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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs each year from June 1st to November 30th, with the most activity seen from late August through September. Protecting your family and your property are the most important priorities when a storm is approaching. Here are storm preparation tips, so when a major hurricane is coming, you …

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How to Properly Shingle a Roof

Whether you plan to re-shingle your roof (or a part of it) yourself or call in professionals, it’s important to learn the basics of the job. There are too many contractors out there who cut corners, and you need to know how to tell good work apart from the shoddy …

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Preparing for Spring Cleaning

Your house might look like a showroom all of the time, but you know that there are areas that don’t get much attention. The top of the fridge can collect quite a bit of dust, and out of sight out of mind definitely applies to most cleaning routines. Once a …

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