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Brighten up your Garden with Aluminium Screens

Garden Fencing provides the homeowner a level of seclusion, which usually comes with its fair share of upkeep and maintenance. Timber fencing might be effective, but it does require regular care, with staining and varnishing to protect the wood, and the strong Australian sunlight beating down relentlessly, but with custom made aluminium screening, you have the perfect maintenance free solution.

Range of Colours

Powder coating is a process that coats the aluminium, and the surface will not fade, crack or peel, leaving you with an elegant screening solution, and if timber is your thing, there is a great faux woodgrain finish to perfectly complement the rustic look. The harsh Australian climate is unable to penetrate such a finish, even if you live in a salty, coastal setting, and with bespoke creations, a unique look is achievable.

Slat Screening

Elegant and stylish, aluminium slat screening comes in 3 different widths, which are 38, 65, or 100mm, which allows you to create the ideal balance between seclusion and visibility. Frameless solutions are ideal for the modern home, and with semi-framed slat screening, any existing setting can be complemented, and this type of screening can be built around a/c compressors and pool filters, giving your home a balanced, uniformed look.

Aero Foil Blades

These resemble shutters, as the blades are set at an angle, which gives you even more privacy, and with powder coated aluminium, it really is a fix and forget solution. There are online suppliers of bespoke aluminium screens in Perth, for example, who can design, build and install the perfect screening for your home, and whatever your colour preference, there will be something just right.

Customised Gating

Obviously you will require some pedestrian gating, especially around the pool and terrace area, and this can be factored into the design, allowing for easy access. Sturdy locking mechanisms provide the security, and with maintenance free hinging, your gating is complete.

Customised Solutions

As everything is manufactured to order, there is no limit to what you can achieve, and regardless of the look of the property, the screening will blend perfectly, and with zero maintenance, what more could you ask? Fixtures and fittings are all of the highest quality, and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, which means no more staining and varnishing.

Online Suppliers

Wherever you happen to live, there will likely be a supplier not too far away, and once you make contact, they would be happy to send a representative to your home and discuss your screening options, and with their experience and expertise, you might be surprised at how many different ways you can effectively screen your property.

The harsh climate has always posed problems for screening and gating, but powdered aluminium provides the perfect screening solution, and with a range of colours that will never fade, your new fencing will complement your property perfectly. The supplier would provide comprehensive installation services, and with everything tailor made, you can be sure of a perfect fit.

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