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Allow A Controlled Entry Through Boom Gates And Feel Secure And Safe

Boom gates are also known as boom barriers and are usually in the form of a pole or bar. These are used in the highly secured areas where entry is prohibited. Classically, one tip of the boom gate is fixed to a pole and the other one raises with control in one’s hands. The tip rises vertically and allows people to pass through one they meet the check criteria. It depicts the greatest engineering marvels and the heights of security developed for various reasons.

How do boom gates operate?

  • Push button: This system has a button attached at one end and when clicked, it automatically opens or closes the gates as needed by the operators. In most cases, these gates with push buttons are used in check posts and railway gates to handle the gates easily.
  • Remote controls: These are usually used in railway gates to automatically control the gates with no person having to stand at the check post all the time. One can operate the gates sitting in the control room with the help of remote control by just knowing the time of arrival and departure of trains.
  • Loop detectors: These are completely automated and work with the help of detectors. The loop detectors automatically sense the arrival and departure of a vehicle and automatically either open or close the gates as needed. These are the most modern gates that serve the most in all metropolitan cities where the trains run for most of the time and it gets difficult for any person to sit and control even if one works in shifts.
  • Third party access control devices: These are handled by some third parties and are controlled by third party agents so as to make use of them easily in the freeways and entrance ramps in malls and other lavish areas where there is a need for huge parking.

Boom gates as used in several strategic entry points in your city:


Boom gates are also used in the state bifurcations and toll checking entrances of various states, countries and also some of the famous tourist spots that requires huge protection and security.

  • A boom gate can be either moved up and down or sideways. There is always a boom gate to meet your requirements and that uniquely serves you to the optimum level.
  • The security levels are very high and there is an unbelievable range of length to which these can extend. This can cover the widest of the roads and can also operate in half by making things even simpler by operating half the road at a time.
  • There are also swing gates that swing and automatically lock allowing the next vehicle to pass. These also come in single and double suspensions to check one way at a time and block the other if needed.

Which are the different places where the boom gates are used?

Parking lots: These gates are also used mostly in parking lots with card checks and the boom gates can be operated by users by swiping the cards and automatically gets locked after allowing that card use and blocks after that.

Offices: In most offices where highest security and protection check is carried out, these barrier gates are installed so that the person with the valid ID alone is only allowed in and others are blocked to enter. Highest security is ascertained and the security checks, which can be overlooked, can certainly be avoided with these highly modern devices installed in the required areas. Theseboom gates can also be used to automatically prevent the entry of pedestrians from a certain road as it is high speed area or for many other security reasons.

Boom gates find their applications and an endless designs helps in choosing one of the best boom gates with ease.

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