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What Advantages Are There to UPVC Windows and Doors?

UPVC, or un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, double glazed windows are a type of window with frames constructed from a durable plastic. Double glazing, as you know, refers to windows madeof two panes with a space in between them.

The use of UPVC replacement double glazing replacing older windows and being fitted into newer homes in Australia and elsewhere is certainly on the increase and looks set to rise even further in the unforeseeable future.

  • There are many advantages to gettingwindow replacements in Melbourne, the first one being that they are norm cheaper than other types of windows.

They also need much less maintenance than other standard windows because UPVC window frames do not rot, crack, peel, or flake, which means that there’s no more repainting. Simply, all that is required to clean these windows is just a wipe with a damp cloth. How’s that for being user friendly?!

  • If you’re looking for Melbourne UPVC windows, make sure to use a renowned and trustworthy service.

Near On Indestructible

Modern dayreplacement upvc windows, are also a lot more durable than other frames as they do not warp or bend in any type of weather conditions like other materials.

Plus, the frames are difficult to break, which keeps lowlife home intruders at bay, something we all want, right?

  • Also, because of the two panes glazing instead of the one, they are much harder to break through than single pane window types.

The two panes in upvc replacement windows, also aid in reducing energy costs, because they are more effective home insulators than single glazed windows. The air between the two panes helps to keep heat inside the home.

  • This will then result in less energy being required to keep the home warm, and thus reduce power bills. (Something we all want).

In addition, anyreplacement double glazed windows fitted by a certified Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney UPVC windows specialist,will reduce the level of noise entering a home, and you will notice after a fitting, a nice new level of quietness.

Improved Looks

The outer facade of any home is naturally of importance for increasing its value and sales potential for any future sale.

  • A lot of folks are simply sold by just the appearance of a property, so why not if you’re wishing to sell at a later date, now both enjoy the advantages of having UPVC fitted and also having it as an extra detail for any future buyers?


UPVC differs from other thermoplastics and is manufactured from 57% salt and only 43% oil, helping to give it some improved technical properties, and aids in the promotion of unbeatable value.

UPVC also happens to make use of a lower amount of primary energy in its production than all other commodity plastics, and is easily re-melted at hot temperatures, which makes it a great sustainable and recyclable material.

Just ask anyone who has had upvc windows or doors fitted!

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